API Keys

To authorize your application to work with data in Pitchly

API Keys are token credentials that you will pass with every API request to prove who your application is, and to authorize its access to your Pitchly account's data.

To generate API Keys, all you need is a Pitchly account with admin access. These keys only need to be generated once and do not expire, however, you can rotate keys as you wish.

How to generate API Keys

First, go to your Company settings located in the Organization dropdown in the top right of the screen. Then click on API keys.

When the API Keys window appears, click Create new key set.

Give this integration a brief name, description, and the maximum permissions this integration should have with Pitchly. If you're only wanting to read data from a database to display on a website but aren't accepting data into the database via that website, for example, you would select only readData. When you're finished, click Create.

Right after you click Create, you will be shown a new App ID and App Secret. You will include at minimum the App Secret in all of your API calls.

The App Secret will only be displayed this once and will never be displayed again, so save both the App ID and App Secret to a secure location. If you lose your App Secret, you must generate a new one, which you can do by editing a Key Set.

While your App ID may be public, your App Secret should always remain private! This means you should not use it to make API calls from directly within the browser, unless you are okay with anyone who accesses your web page having access to all of your databases. You should only use your App Secret in server-to-server calls from your application to Pitchly, and you should refrain from checking it into source control, and use caution when posting code in public forums.

Now that you have your App ID and App Secret, you can begin using them to make API calls! If you need to change the permissions or details of a Key Set, you can always return to these screens to modify an existing Key Set. You can also rotate your App Secret as often as you'd like.


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