Getting Started

A brief overview of what Apps are on Pitchly, and how to create them.

In Pitchly, Apps are used to perform specific work tasks using data. You can either make an App for yourself or share it with others, in which case you will enable other companies on the Pitchly platform to be more successful and efficient using your App.

If you are looking to interact only with your own Pitchly account programmatically for the purpose of integrating with other systems, you may be looking for our Client API instead.

In general, Apps are installed on an organization in Pitchly and work with data inside the databases of that organization, up to the permissions allowed for that App.

The process to create an App on Pitchly is pretty straightforward. There are three main steps:

  1. Register your App on Pitchly

  2. Generate an access token over our REST API

  3. Get resources, like data, from the user's account over our GraphQL API

If you are building a web app inside Pitchly, you can safely skip step #2 because we handle access token generation and renewal for you automatically via our JavaScript SDK. We will try to make the remaining steps as easy as possible.

The different kinds of Apps

There are conceptually three different kinds of Apps you can build in Pitchly, depending on where you want your App to live. The three are:

  1. Inside Apps

  2. Outside Apps (coming soon)

  3. Hybrid Apps (coming soon)

Inside Apps "live" inside the Pitchly platform and are shown to the user via an iframe, side by side with their database, but your App is hosted elsewhere.

Outside Apps live primarily on your own website or web page but connect with users' Pitchly accounts via a Pitchly Connect button.

Hybrid Apps are simply a combination of both strategies, which gives you the ability to both enhance your existing web app or product with Pitchly support and have your App available at a moment's notice to users working inside their Pitchly account.

Registering your App

To create an App on Pitchly, you must first register your App with the Pitchly platform, so we know things like your App's name and where to look for your App. This will also generate a unique App ID and App Secret, which you can then use to communicate with Pitchly's APIs.

Third-party Apps are currently subject to review, so we don't allow public registration. Please contact us directly if you would like to register your App with Pitchly.

Read on to learn how to generate access tokens using Pitchly's JavaScript SDK.

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